Wardrobe Sensor

Model NO : OFTRNX011

Our wardrobe sensors does the basic yet highly important job of automating your wardrobe. Automating the lights in your wardrobe.

A good choice of internal cabinet lighting makes clothes appear in their true colors. You can select a suitable outfit reliably by using built-in lights or illuminated clothes. We enhance this experience further by automating those lights which is a highly convenient factor in our day-to-day life’s.

Our wardrobe sensor is engineered with modernistic design for your wardrobes to help the lights illuminate your favorite apparels, choicest accessories or prized possessions.

This sensor finds primary application in your wardrobes/armoires/closets in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen cabinets, utility rooms & many more. It can also be used for automation in unique & specific areas like your entire walk in closet, reach in closets& the under-cabinet areas in your kitchen.


  • Like all our products, this is a high quality sensor that uses microwave technology & can be connected to any kind of light.
  • The sensor ensures maximum light brightness, low power consumption, long operating life, & helps in energy saving.
  • Ensures Auto switching on/off of lights in the wardrobe based on human detection.
  • The sensor has two option modes given Manual & Automatic, with a built-in switch, which is an extra precaution step for your convenience. This ensures that if someday the sensor stops working in automated mode, your light still gets switched on in manual mode.
  • The sensor is a wired device, but is extremely easy for installation. It can be installed both by double-sided adhesive tapes which are provided in the box, or can be manually installed by screws, which are also provided in the box, in case of wooden wardrobes.
  • Our special double sided adhesive ensures that installation is never a hassle in complete glass or Italian style wardrobes.
  • Due to the 360 angle detection & high load capacity of these sensors, they can be installed in any size & type of wardrobe like hinge door, sliding door & walk in closet.

Applications :

  • Ideal for the all sizes of wardrobes/closets in
  • bedrooms& living-rooms.
  • Walk-in closets.
  • Cabinets in kitchen/under cabinet cooking areas.
  • Utility Areas, Powder room, Washroom.

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