About Offtronix

With the world moving towards fast paced technology,a need for automation has arisen in every sphere of life whether its for home, gardens, parking areas or shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals. Its needed everywhere because automation makes our lives easier! It’s a necessity with a luxury feel to it!

We at Offtronix strive to make people’s life easier, by giving them comfort & convenience through simple solutions for day-to-day problems at affordable prices, wherein the technology is such, that it can be understood & used by every age group.

We believe automation should not just be a part of high end residences & offices, but an essential part of every middle class household & office. Our products serve the purpose of providing comfort, security as well as reducing your electricity bills!

Safety is one area where people often hesitate to spend, wherein actually that is the area they should first spend on. Our simple solutions cater to those safety essentials for every household & office, which people often neglect due to high cost involved, complex technologies or sometimes due to sheer ignorance.

Our priority is our quality & our service, to make sure the products exactly do what they are supposed to do. The quality is backed by our dedicated service, be it technical support or pre/after sales service.We have a dedicated R&D team to continuously test out new products, which we try to convert into new potential solutions to day-to-day problems & with which we aim to make a positive impact to people’s lives.

We, at Offtronix, with our products strive towards making a brighter, safer & a smarter tomorrow.