Twilight Sensor

Model No : OFTRNX009

OFTRNX009 is a wall mountable daylight based lighting control device suitable for outdoor lighting like gardens, terrace, compound walls, public areas, street lights etc, where lights shall be switched ON only at nights.

Use of this product enables Automation, convenience, safety & energy saving.

Daylight is detected by wide angle detection field of the sensor.

It functions based on natural / ambient light availability to control lights.


This sensor can be used at all outdoor places.

Primary Functions

Daylight detection using precession Photo sensor.

Daylight detection is adjustable, to switch lighting only when preset amount of low light is detected.

Few Of The Common Applications Are :

  • Street Lights.
  • Rooftop Restaurants
  • Outdoor Lounges
  • Garden/Park Lights
  • Walk ways.
  • Balconies
  • Outdoor Garden
  • Terrace

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